Outside Sales

We maintain a database of Outside Sales professionals interested in direct hire employment across many industries.  This includes individuals looking to advance their careers but not necessarily actively searching for new employment.  Positions include VP of Sales, Sales Director, Category or Sales Manager, and Sales Executive/Account Executive.

Often times a company will want outside sales professionals with specific experience in the same channels of trade (e.g., grocery, retail, banking, etc.) or working with the same customers to increase success at growing their business.  Experience in selling the same product or service can obviously be a plus.

On other occasions it’s more important to find an individual that fits the specific aspects needed to be a successful outside sales representative for your specific company (easier to teach a good sales person a new industry as opposed to teaching an industry professional how to be a good sales person).

Either way, we will help you pinpoint the skill sets needed and deliver candidates that will raise the bar for your company sales.

In today’s selling environment, most companies are increasing emphasis on strong analytical skills for outside sales professionals to succeed.  Top performers are able to deliver a consultative sales backed with facts/data.  For an outside sales position, track record of accomplishments is obviously a key indicator of anticipated performance and fit with the organization will remain a deciding factor.

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