Marketing Research Management

We maintain a database of Marketing Research professionals interested in direct hire or contract employment across many industries.  This includes individuals looking to advance their careers but not necessarily searching for new employment.   Marketing research positions include those focused on primary or secondary research or a combination of the two.

One of the greatest skills for a leading researcher is ability to convert data to useful actionable insights to drive business strategies.  The best researchers seem to always be hungry for data, curious for better information and stellar communicators.  These are the traits we’re often looking for, traits that ultimately lead to informed business decisions.  Marketing research professionals that immerse themselves in your customers’ experience to uncover the message that resonates best with your consumer.

Areas of marketing research include:
•       Ethnographies
•       Interviews/focus group moderation
•       Defining customer/consumer profile
•       Segmentation
•       Brand awareness
•       Competitive analysis/tracking
•       Idea generation
•       Product and creative concept writing/testing
•       Data for positioning
•       Brand equity

Our database also includes Marketing Research professionals interested in working on a contract basis.  These individuals are available to fill a gap for an interim period, work on a specific project or business issue.

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