Marketing Officers/Directors, Strategic Marketing and Brand Management

We maintain a database of Marketing professionals interested in direct hire employment across many industries.  This includes individuals looking to advance their careers but not necessarily actively searching for new employment.  Positions include: Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Marketing, Marketing Director, Marketing Communications Director, Strategic Marketing Manager and Brand Manager.

Critical skills in marketing professionals include leadership, team building and communication – ability to influence.  We probe deeply to understand past results relevant to your position and skills you may require including, ability to problem solve, work well in specific environments, build brands and businesses, develop strategic plans and utilize analytics for measuring results.  We have seen a growing number of requests for marketing expertise dealing with social media, big data, and specific industry knowledge.

Brand and marketing strategy often includes:

•       Brand strategy (brand guidelines, corporate positioning)
•       Marketing/communications plans
•       New Product/Service development
•       Launch plans
•       Sales channel strategy
•      Direct marketing
•       Website development/SEO
•       Advertising
•       Promotions
•       Public relations

Our database also includes Marketing professionals at a variety of levels interested in working on a contract basis.  These individuals are available to fill a gap for an interim period, work on a specific project or consider a contract-to-hire basis.

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