Marketing Analysis and Consumer Insights

We maintain a database of Marketing Analysis and Consumer Insight professionals interested in direct hire or contract employment.  This includes individuals looking to advance their careers but not necessarily searching for new employment.  These positions often are a key member of a team that develops new products/services or addresses key business issues to drive growth for an organization.  They must have the ability to dissect data, distill those numbers into useful reports and often are assessing what it would take to change a customer’s mind.

Areas of marketing analysis and consumer insights include:
•       Competitive analysis: including pricing, sales, product (determine position)
•       Monitoring industry statistics or trends
•       Customer demographics, preferences, needs, buying habits (identify potential markets)
•       Develop and evaluate collection of data – surveys, questionnaires, or existing data
•       Measure and assess customer & employee satisfaction
•       Measure effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communication strategies
•       Forecast and track marketing and sales trends


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