Inside Sales Recruiters

We maintain a database of Inside Sales professionals interested in direct hire or contract basis employment.  This includes individuals looking to advance their careers but not necessarily actively searching for new employment.  Inside sales can vary greatly across organizations depending on whether the emphasis is handling outbound calls, inbound calls (including call centers), developing & researching prospect lists and/or account management.

As a result, to identify the best inside sales personnel you must align the person’s experience with your specific need.  There is often significant differences in ability to handle outbound versus inbound calls, ability to create strategic targeted prospect lists versus call from established lists, and being a quick study in understanding your product or service.  One common attribute critical for inside sales is that ability to quickly build rapport over the phone in a manner that is personable, persuasive and genuine.  We spend time evaluating these skills to determine the best match to meet your business need.

Key challenges for an inside sales professional include:
•       Discipline to make the number of outbound calls necessary
•       Ability to research or create call lists
•       Ability to access or “read” prospects over the phone and establish relationship
•       Time management skills to balance research vs. calls
•       Ability to uncover a customer need and provide insights/solutions

In many cases, these challenges make it difficult for an outside sales individual to succeed in inside sales.  We’ll take the time to understand you business situation to best identify a top preforming sales professional that’s the correct fit for your position.

In certain situations you may want consider using a part-time contractor to more cost effectively drive your business or explore a potential opportunity.  We can provide the recruitment resources needed for a direct hire candidate, a contractor or on a contract-to-hire candidate.

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