Data Management, Architecture, Modeling and Analysis

We maintain a database of Data Management professionals interested in direct hire employment for data management, architecture, modeling and analysis.  This includes individuals looking to advance their careers but not necessarily actively searching for new employment.  Positions include:  VP, Director and Manager of Analytics,  Statistical Programmer, Database Analyst, Customer Relationship Management, etc..

One area that has seen rapid growth is analytic positions to mine and manage big data.  The ability to turn a wealth of information into actionable insights is becoming increasingly valuable as the amount of data continues to explode.  The challenge is finding people who can put it all together and develop better strategies.  This requires critical thinking in asking the right questions, developing tests and complex analysis.  Often our search requires an individual technically trained in a specific study (statistics, data analytics) and/or with a specific software application (e.g., SAS, SPSS).

Data Management, Architecture, Modeling and Analysis covers a wide range of areas include:

•       Business intelligence
•       Risk management
•       Marketing analysis – media mix, consumer insights
•       Customer relationship management
•       Data architecture and data modeling
•       Statistical programming and analysis
•       Data warehousing
•       Database administration

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