Business Development

We maintain a database of Business Development professionals interested in direct hire employment across many industries.  This includes individuals looking to advance their careers but not necessarily actively searching for new employment.  Business Development roles vary greatly across companies/industries and require a combination of strategic analysis, marketing and sales skills.

We find that these professionals can be involved in everything from development of products/services, to generation of sales leads, to negotiating and closing deals.  Their experience typically involves identifying new business opportunities, such as:

•       new markets
•       new customers
•       new partnerships
•       new products/services
•       new ways to reach existing markets

We make sure we understand your business objective to find the best talent to assist you in growing your business.  We know that to do well in this career you need strong business acumen, excellent analytical skills, top-notch people and communication skills and perseverance/passion to overcome obstacles along the way.

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