How Can We Help You Build Your Career

Whether you are actively looking for a new position, wanting additional freelance work or looking for a beneficial networking connection – we hope to provide you with insights and resources to help you reach your goals.

Build Your CareerWe are committed to guiding you throughout your career search and want to stay in contact.  Often your search is dependent on the right timing.  An active opportunity we are aware of or working on needs to match your desired role.  Know that if we currently do not have that perfect fit, we still hope to support you in your search and stay connected in the future.


What you can expect from us:

  • Honesty.  Candid feedback on your specific questions – such as resume feedback, career options, position, etc..
  • Confidentiality.  Your resume and identification will never be presented to an employer without your approval.
  • Communication.  Will provide you with information necessary for you to make an informed decision in considering a new position.
  • Professionalism.   Creating an open dialog, listening and keeping commitments.
  • Fees paid by the employer

In return, we expect the same level of integrity and professionalism.  We need you to be candid about strengths and weaknesses, and honestly evaluate an opportunity for best fit to help ensure your success.  Our goal is to reach an outcome that benefits everyone involved.

If you are a professional considering your current career options, contact us.  To become a candidate email your resume and summary about yourself.

Refer to resources for additional information we hope will be helpful to you during your search.