Attract the Best Talent with TBN Consulting.

Attract the Best.When considering a recruiter to represent you company you need someone that will represent you with integrity and treat every candidate with the highest level of respect.

We’ve been able to identify and recruit the best talent for our clients to hire based on these principles:


  1. In-depth knowledge of your company and specific position.  Our process ensures we have the knowledge to approach a passive candidate with an opportunity and answer their pressing concerns.
  1. We have hands on experience in many of the functions you are looking for – and know what it takes to run and grow a business.  Who better to find you an employee than someone who has done and understands the actual work.
  1. We find the required skills for success as well as the match with the company’s culture.  This includes understanding the results/business objectives you are seeking and the values you desire.
  1. We are passionate about finding a candidate that exceeds your expectations.

Identifying key prospects is half the battle – engaging a passive candidate in conversation and identifying the “fit” for your opportunity is often where the battle is won.  To discuss how we can help you find and attract the best talent to your organization, contact us today.

When to Use an Outside Recruiter
It takes a tremendous amount of time to research the market, sift through resumes, provide meaningful company information, conduct multiple screenings, set-up and conduct interviews – and still not find the talent you need.  Often times a job posting simply will not work.  You know what skills are required to grow your business and may even have targeted competitive companies that you wish they came from.  We can help!

A typical checklist for when to use an outside recruiter:

  • Hard to find candidate.  We love this challenge – some of our most fun assignments.  Perhaps you have a specific combination of skills that is uncommon, a location that is difficult to attract talent or simply haven’t been able to find that right fit.
  • Looking for a passive candidate.  This individual is excelling at their current position and often is not considering a move.  They won’t see your job posting and need to be contacted and engaged to consider a new opportunity.
  • Focused on top, qualified talent.  You want to interview only pre-screened, highly qualified top talent in their field of expertise.
  • Confidential Search.  You may not want to post a position due to company sensitivities or competitive reasons.

Our Process
We have a straightforward, refined process designed to save you time in the search process and ensure that the candidates you review can provide the leadership and expertise you are looking for.  We tailor the process to your priorities and schedule.  Throughout the process and after placement, there will be frequent and clear communication to ensure success.

Our goal is to develop a partnership based on value that benefits everyone involved.  Our typical executive process would include the following steps:

Understanding your Company and the Job
We complete an extensive hiring consultation (client input form) to understand your company’s history, structure, management team, strategic direction, organization’s culture, specific position requirements/need and results you desire.  Our thorough list of questions at the beginning of the search will often help refine and solidify your job search criteria.   In addition, it prepares us to represent your company opportunity and entice the best talent.

Recruiting or The Search
We perform extensive research including, identifying target organizations, companies, associations, and leveraging our database, connections and expertise to uncover both active and passive potential candidates.  We qualify the target candidates so that when you review a candidate, we have pre-screened in-depth and in person (when possible).  A short list of qualified talent is presented with a detailed summary of strengths, weaknesses, expectations and current salary.

We assist company and candidate in preparation for the interview process.  This includes providing client with background necessary to ensure in-depth interviews.  Also, working with the candidate to ensure appropriate research to understand the company, truly interested in the role, and ready to interview.  Follow-ups with candidate and client are completed after the interview.  We complete additional background or reference checks, and help you with setting final interview(s) and building an appropriate offer.

We assist the candidate through their resignation process and coaching with any counter offers.  We maintain contact through the company preparations for start date, and after on-boarding the individual to ensure expectations are being met and future success is expected.

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