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TBN Consulting, LLC

TBN Consulting, LLC
Recruiting and Staffing Solutions

TBN Consulting is a search firm for direct-hire, contract, and freelance professionals founded in 2007 that specializes in recruiting for Marketing, Marketing Research, Sales, Financial and Business Intelligence professionals.

We have over 35+ years of combined experience in sales and marketing and know first hand what it takes to succeed.

What makes us successful is our deep understanding of your business and extensive network of professionals within the Twin Cities and beyond.

Companies appreciate the depth of our understanding of their needs and our established network of key industry professionals.  Candidates appreciate our ability to identify appropriate opportunities and provide detailed insight.

A message from the founding principal:

Prior to jumping into the recruiting industry I spent 12 years working for a couple full-service marketing firms.  The majority of this time I worked with senior leaders (Presidents, VPs, CMOs, Marketing Managers) about their specific marketing objectives and strategies.  This experience taught me to quickly grasp a company’s marketing initiatives and identify key players to help concept, research, strategize and implement these initiatives.

Now, working as a recruiter I have found that both candidates and clients appreciate my understanding of a company’s operations, environment and employment needs.  My ability to match high performers with specific job opportunities goes beyond education, salary requirements and work history and enables the best mutual fit.  I’m able to develop a thorough understanding of the job and the expectations for a successful candidate.  In the end, a successful match requires the candidate’s ability to do the work and fit the culture.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Best regards,

Tony B. Nelson

TBN Consulting, LLC
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